The Photo Industry
The Photo Industry has gone through an amazing transformation over the last ten years. The number of photos taken increases every year and the type and style of output of those images has evolved, as well. ColorCentric anticipated this shift and has established the leading platform for the production of personalized photo products in the industry...
The Publishing Industry
The leaders of ColorCentric have been in the demand printing industry since its infancy. We’ve spent the last 30 years developing workflow solutions that integrate with world-class print and binding technology systems to deliver the highest quality personalized print products for the Photo and Publishing Industries in the world.

Our experience and dedication to the markets we serve positions us as the market leader in developing and executing profitable and innovative products created from consumer and professional content.
At the heart of why ColorCentric came to be was a need seen by its founders to distrupt the existing supply chain that was limiting the ability of individual authors to see their works in print. ColorCentric saw the potential in the self- publishing industry and knew we could create a production platform that would invigorate the industry and create necessary change...
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Manufacturing Philosophy
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Notice we call it a "manufacturing philosophy", not a "printing philosophy"? That's by design. In a one-off print world, the key to a successful operation does not lie in just the print technology, but instead in the manufacturing workflow processes and data management to manage tens of thousands of orders, at an average quantity of 1.8 units per order...
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One-Off Book Manufacturing
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